10 Reasons to Buy a Home in Black Rock in 2017

St. Mary's-by-the-Sea in Black Rock

St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea in Black Rock

Prices are rising nationwide and Black Rock prices are increasing as well, but are still low compared to surrounding towns, such as Fairfield.  There are several things that are likely to positively impact Black Rock prices in the next few years:

  1. Fairfield Metro train station – express trains of just over an hour to Manhattan, most of Black Rock is within walking distance to it, and there is ample day parking, New York City residents have discovered Black Rock and word is spreading
  2. Ash Creek Pedestrian Bridge – has been funded by the State of Connecticut and the permit process is underway, the bridge is estimated to be completed in 2019.  The pedestrian bridge will connect the business are of Black Rock with the train station and shorten the walking distance for those living west of Brewster Street.
  3. Black Rock School – expansion has been completed and classes extend from Pre-K (3 years old)  through 8th grade.  New gymnasium, classrooms, library, science center, playground.  Pre-school care and after-school care at affordable prices.  Extracurricular programs include: Wakeman Boy’s & Girl’s Club (aftercare until 9 pm), Fairfield YMCA Swimming, Yoga Club, Garden Club, Creative Writing Club, Chess Club, and more.  High parental involvement in this school makes for a quality education.
  4. St. Ann’s Academy – next door to Black Rock School for those who want a parochial school education (K through 8th grade).
  5. Reputation as a “hip” area – Black Rock has been gaining a reputation among young professionals as the cool place to live and hang out, upscale coffee shops, cafes, art galleries restaurants, and music venues such as The Acoustic Café. For more information on local events please visit www.blackrockonline.org 
  6. Natural beauty – for the past 30 years I’ve been taking a three mile walk along Gilman Street, Eames Boulevard, Grovers Avenue and most of that time I’m walking on a sidewalk looking at the water (tidal estuary or the Sound), most coastal areas are populated with expensive homes on the shorefront, there are very few where you can actually see the water as you walk along.  Black Rock has an amazing amount of public access to its shoreline, including a public boat ramp on Brewster Street and a sandy beach on Seabright Avenue.   Ash Creek is one of the few pristine tidal estuaries in an urban area. For more information please visit www.ashcreekassoc.org or look at the photos of Black Rock on www.facebook.com/blackrockconnecticut
  7. Coastal lifestyle – we have a marina, public boat launch, and two yacht clubs. Many people launch their kayaks into the gentle waters of Ash Creek. For more information: Black Rock Marinas & Yacht Clubs
  8. Elevated water views – most coastal areas along the Connecticut shoreline are flat near the water, but areas of elevation near the shoreline have become very desirable post-Irene and Sandy. Sasco Hill in Fairfield offers the same terrain as Grovers Hill in Black Rock, but prices there range from $3-5 million compared to $450,000-$2 million on Grovers Hill. Over 2,000 Fairfield homes were damaged in Hurricane Sandy, whereas very few homes in Black Rock were affected. In fact, one direct waterfront home went under deposit the day after Sandy and sold for $1.75 million. 
  9. True community – there aren’t many areas where people identify with their community, but Black Rock is one of them. Black Rock has always had its own identity before it became a part of Fairfield and then Bridgeport. It was a colonial seaport and continues to view itself as a coastal village. Harborview Market is the prime gathering spot to catch up with one another over coffee, lunch, or weekend brunch. Black Rockers join together on common causes and there is always a meeting to attend or an event to go to. It’s a lively community with interesting people living lives with a purpose. The New York Times has published a number of articles on Black Rock in recent years: “Living in St Mary’s-by-the-Sea, Connecticut: The Saltwater Smell Means You’re Home” (May 23, 2010), “Living in Black Rock, Connecticut: A Community with Spirit and an Edge” (August 8, 2004), and “If You’re Thinking of Living In St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea, Connecticut: At Peninsula’s End, a Waterside Enclave” (June 9, 2002); “Black Rock: A Close-Knit Harborside Connecticut Neighborhood “(December 21, 2016).  Check out the Wikipedia entry on Black Rock Connecticut  .
  10. New Yorkers Buying Bridgeport Homes – New Yorkers have been driven out of Manhattan and the Boroughs by high prices as well as Westchester County.  As they look along Connecticut’s coastline near rail stations, Bridgeport becomes the best value.  Black Rock is a very desirable part of Bridgeport to New Yorkers due to easy access to the Fairfield Metro train station.  
    Black Rock Development

    Black Rock Development

    In fact, New Yorkers are buying homes elsewhere in Bridgeport as well.  Bridgeport is the largest city in the state and is one of the fast growing.  More residents means the tax burden is spread out among more people.  Also, there are exciting economic developments in the city.  Steelpointe Harbor is a 2.8 million square-foot mixed-use, urban-oriented waterfront project on Bridgeport Harbor. When complete, Steelpointe Harbor will have approximately 1,000 to 1,500 residential units , 800,000 square feet of retail, 200,000 square feet of commercial/office space, 300,000 square feet of hotel/meeting area, a new 200-slip marina with complete shore-side support. Due to the scale of the project, Steelpointe Harbor will be constructed in phases over a period of several years.  Downtown Bridgeport is becoming a hip destination for young professionals to live, dine, and enjoy entertainment.  The revitalization of downtown Bridgeport is well underway and will bring more tax revenue through commercial and residential developments.  To see recent Black Rock developments check out this post http://www.blackrockhomesforsale.com/real-estate-news/black-rock-developments-add-value/ 

Black Rock is an area approximately one square mile in size.   To get a daily update of new listings in Black Rock as they come on the market, sign up at http://gailrobinson.listingbook.com

Black Rock is an Easy Commute to New York City

Is it possible to have a coastal lifestyle within easy commuting distance of Manhattan?  Can you enjoy great natural beauty and open spaces in an urban location?  Would you like to be part of a village, where interesting and creative people join together to create a true community spirit?

The answer is yes — if you choose to live in Black Rock, a vibrant coastal community located in the historic seaport that was once part of the Town of Fairfield and is now part of Bridgeport.


Commuting to Manhattan is a breeze with the new train station, located within a one mile radius of most homes in Black Rock.  Express trains take just over an hour from the new Fairfield Metro Station to Grand Central.  Unlike other stations, the new train station has ample day parking.


Black Rock has two yacht clubs on Black Rock Harbor and a marina.  It is a fabulous location for people who enjoy sailing, boating, or fishing.  The Ash Creek tidal estuary has several open space areas on both the Fairfield and Bridgeport sides and is enjoyed by kayakers and canoeists who want to enjoy quieter waters than the Sound.  The tidal estuary has tremendous biodiversity and attracts migratory shorebirds and the bird lovers who enjoy them.  There are sidewalks along much of the waterfront, unlike many coastal communities.  A three-mile walk will bring you in contact with water along Gilman Street, Eames Boulevard, Beacon Street, and the beach at Seabright Avenue.

105 Battery Park Drive

St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea in Black Rock


Wealthy shipbuilders, merchants, and sea captains made Black Rock their home in the 1800’s.  They built beautiful, finely crafted homes, some of which exist to this day.  Black Rock has a historic district where many historic homes can be enjoyed and has a number of homes on the Historic Register.


That’s what the New York Times called Black Rock one of several articles about it.  Artists, writers, professors, architects, designers, musicians, environmentalists, chefs, and many other interesting people are attracted to Black Rock because it is a community that embraces creative expression and intelligent discourse.  A series of interesting talks are held at the Black Rock Branch Library, the Acoustic Cafe attracts musical talent, and Framemakers and the Harborview Market hold artist receptions and art exhibits.  Many residents work out of their homes and stop by the Harborview Market, Home on the Range, or Port Coffeehouse for breakfast, coffee, lunch, and to enjoy the company of others.


Black Rock is close to everything – Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Stop & Shop, restaurants, clothing stores, dry cleaners, etc.  Five minutes in either direction takes you to the downtown areas of Fairfield or Bridgeport.  It also has an entrance onto I-95 and the Merritt Parkway is just off of Black Rock Turnpike.  The map on the left shows a one mile radius around the new Fairfield Metro train station, Black Rock is the peninsula.  Nearly every home in Black Rock is within a mile of the new train station.

WEB Exterior from StreetCHOICES IN HOUSING

Where you plan to rent or buy, there are many options.  If you rent, you can rent a condo, single family home, or an apartment in a multi-family.  If you decide to buy, you can live in a direct waterfront home with a private dock on Black Rock Harbor or on Grovers Hill overlooking Long Island Sound.  You can live in a 1920’s vintage Craftsman bungalow or Colonial with stained glass and Douglas Fir floors.  You can also live in a waterfront condo with an in-ground pool, a waterfront mid-rise doorman building with ten foot wide balconies overlooking the harbor, townhouse style condos, or a historic co-op complex with charm and character.  Single family home prices range from under $100,000 to over $2 million.


If you are considering a move to Black Rock, please call or text me at 203-521-0768.  I’m the only agent specializing exclusively in Black Rock and I have been the #1 real estate agent in Black Rock since 2007.

Black Rock Developments Add Value

Living in Black Rock Developments 2015

Black Rock is benefiting from commercial, state, federal, and charitable development money pouring into our small area. The area south of Fairfield Avenue and west of Ellsworth Street has always been the highest value area of Black Rock, but much development is taking place north of Fairfield Avenue and east of Ellsworth Street.


Studies have shown that a new train station can boost prices between 14-18% within a mile radius of the station.


A 2007 study in Portland, Oregon found that property values typically go up by about 17.5% percent if you live near a Whole Foods store. The impact of all the developments together is actually called the “Whole Foods Effect” according to urban planners. The process of gentrification of an area starts with one anchor store, such as Whole Foods, which attracts other high end stores.

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Black Rock’s Facebook Page

Black Rock Facebook PageBlack Rock is a neighborhood in Bridgeport, Connecticut noted for its strong community spirit, historic preservation efforts of its Colonial seaport past, and great natural beauty.   It also has a beautiful coastline on Long Island Sound with public access to the shoreline along St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea, the Ash Creek tidal estuary, Brewster Street boat launch, and sandy Seabright Beach.  Most of it is also located within one mile of the new Fairfield Metro Train Station, where there is plenty of day parking and within walking distance of many Black Rock homes.  Express trains provide an easy commute of just over an hour to Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

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